Mobile Marketing Revolution

We live in a world that is always on the go. And thanks to the advent of new technologies, we always take our ability to communicate with us. What began in the 90’s with the beeper fad is still alive and well today, with
SmartPhones and tablet PCs that put the World Wide Web at our fingertips no matter where we happen to be.

It’s a new and relatively uncharted territory with a virtually limitless potential to make money. The problem is that the world of mobile marketing and advertising is one with blurry boundaries and undefined borders. One of the biggest problems in the world of mobile marketing integration is that too many enterprises view mobile marketing as merely an extension of Internet Marketing instead of it’s own new universe.

While there are a number of similarities that make this mistake such a prevalent one, the reality is that mobile marketing is such a widely segmented niche that it is worthy of consideration as a separate entity with an increasingly expanding reach. Think about this incredible tidbit - It is estimated that by the year 2014, phone Internet usage will surpass that of traditional desktops and laptops.

That’s a short time away. If more and more of your target market and customer base will be transitioning to mobile technology for their World Wide Web access, isn’t it crucial for your business to anticipate this shift and build a mobile presence that can handle heavy traffic and specialized demands to make money?  DOWNLOAD