LinkedIn For Business

Whether you have read our LinkedIn Reader or not, you will, now that LinkedIn is the no.1 growing site for business professionals. It is a site that is used by both professionals and whole businesses alike to help make money.
The website was founded in 2002 and launched in spring, 2003. IT was founded by Reid Hoffman. Hoffman began his career at Apple and Fujitsu after graduating from Stanford and Oxford universities in the 1990s. He was a member of the founding board of American financial transaction website PayPal and along with several other members, founded LinkedIn after PayPal was acquired by eBay in 2002.
By 2011, LinkedIn had amassed 135,000,000 users from across the world. This includes all the executives from the Fortune 500 and all major industries and industry leading companies.
LinkedIn members are fairly spread around the world with the largest group being Americans. Approximately one in six Americans is a member of LinkedIn. The same proportion of Brits are also members. The majority of users are men between the age of 24 and 54. According to statistics, approximately 33% of users access the website at least once a month. In 2011, there were approximately 4 billion people searches on the website.
As well as allowing individuals to join LinkedIn, the network allows various companies to register themselves as members. The reasons for this are outlined. The most popular industries are hi-tech, manufacturing and finance. These companies can also be broken down by their size. There are many large companies involved in LinkedIn as well as smaller ones contributing to the growing reach of LinkedIn. The website has become a site where professionals can find work, find employees, connect with likeminded people in the same or related sectors and to pool resources to make money.

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