Surefire Backlinks Blueprint

Did you know that if you are ranked #1 in Google, then you are getting most of the traffic to make money from?

But if you are ranked #2, then you get 40% less and it keeps cutting down?

It's a fact that if you aren't ranked the top 3, you won't get that much traffic from Google or the other search engines.

So if you don't understand what Google is looking for, you won't know how to rank your site higher into the search engines.

How do you rank higher into the search engines?

Getting Backlinks pointed from another site to your site, gives you brownie points in Google's eyes.  How so?  Quality over Quantity.

Well, in the Search Engine's eyes, if they see people linking to you, they see you as a popular person.  However if the quality of the person linking to you is not that great, then it does matter if you have 20,000 low quality backlinks pointing to you.

One could try to say otherwise but in terms of long term results, the statement above holds true.  So the theme of this blueprint is quality quality quality.  Get that into your mindset right now.

In order to get better rankings, there is on page optimization which consists of making sure the quality of the content is  both user friendly and search engine friendly.  Secondly, off page optimization, which consists of backlinks going back to your site.

Now in this video series, you are going to learn how to produce quality backlinks from quality sites to make money AND how to keep your content ranking high, without worry about getting effected by the a Google slap.  DOWNLOAD