Copywriting Champion

Becoming a master copywriter is a process that takes years of learning and hard work. But becoming a serious copywriter doesn’t require being a master to make money. It requires the right mindset, and a set of tactics that will allow you to position yourself, target a market, emphasize with the needs of business owners, and start getting clients and references without becoming desperate, undervaluing your work, and burning yourself out.It doesn’t aim to be the end-all and be-all. But hopefully, this book will be a huge part of your copywriting education.

To be sure, the definition of success varies depending on the person, but no matter who you are, you probably know what failure feels like:Feeling desperate… because you don’t have any clients.Feeling nervous… because you don’t know how to price your work.Feeling ashamed… because you don’t have experience or credibility.Feeling embarrassed… because you aren’t sure that you’d know what to do once you got hired!Read on – and use the fresh approaches inside this book to quickly make a good income without feeling burned out or scraping by for months “paying your dues”. It’s easier than it sounds, as long as you’re willing to follow directions and put your limiting beliefs aside…

Maybe you don’t think that you deserve to make a bunch of money off the bat. But here’s a little secret – you don’t need to be Gary Halbert or Dan Kennedy to make a mark as a copywriter. There’s a huge demand for people who even understand the principles we’re about to apply, and once you connect with that demand, you’ll be able to set your own terms.Your experience isn’t that important, either. In fact, it’s probably better if you’re a new copywriter. But success as a sales writer isn’t as effortless as hanging your shingle and waiting for people to stampede towards you. Instead, you need to market yourself – which makes perfect sense. Being a copywriter is all about getting a market, understanding a market, writing the words that inspire confidence in a desired end result to make money.

Fortunately, you can show off your chops – and increase your asking price exponentially - by delivering results for your first client… yourself.  DOWNLOAD