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What Is An Internet Business?
Nowadays, people are always worrying about their ability to make money. They feel unappreciated, unsure about their job security and obsolete. They never know when they might be laid off and/or replaced. There are oodles of workers who live in fear of getting booted out for simple reasons like coming back from lunch late or having to stay home with a sick child.
This has led to more and more people looking to sure up their incomes in less conventional fashions. It has led many to start their own home business, and the Internet is their platform of choice.
In a world where corporate downsizing is now common, many feel that salvation lies in starting an Internet Business. Some say, just in case, and others feel that they’ve had enough of living on the whims of others including bosses, managers and supervisors who tell them when to go to lunch and when they can go home.
Surf the web sometime and you’ll see just how many individuals have started their own Internet business. Seriously, cyberspace is loaded with them. All it takes is an idea, and human beings are chocked full of really good ideas to common problems. There are websites where a housewife is making a great living selling custom knife set. She was basically a working mom who had to come home for her sick child. With no college degree, she decided to start her own at-home Internet business to make money selling something she just happened to know a lot about - custom cutlery.
She started this business with less than $100, and looked at it as a way to bring in extra money. After a year, it turned into something huge, and now her husband works with her and it’s their only source of income. You have to admit; that’s pretty darn sweet. And it all started with her passion for kitchen cutlery, and the knowledge she had picked up over time.
Many times people think that Internet businesses are some big conglomerate, but in actuality, the Internet is the great leveler. It allows stay-at-home moms and average people to be able to start with little to no money and work their way up to compete with the mega corporations. When you think about it, on the Net no one knows whether you’re a large company or some guy in his basement with an Internet connection.
In fact, it doesn’t matter. What does count is whether you can answer a person’s need and answer a question with a product that solves a problem. That’s it, and with that, the Internet has become a boon in a time of strife for all those who are willing to learn and grow.
You too can begin an Internet business to make money if you really want it. A close friend of mine started her business by making custom children’s clothing. She uses her sewing talents and creativity to make an honest living. Now she just has to keep up with the various orders. The bottom line to all of this is that you can never get CANNED from your own business, and your success is completely dependent upon your ingenuity and your ability to create and market a product that people want.
Remember the guys who made a million dollars by cutting off the pant legs, tying a string around the tops and making crazy looking hats?
How about the Pet Rock that made a fortune or the She-Bang guy video that changed the life of an average citizen. You might have that one million dollar business idea that will support you for a lifetime.
This e-book shows you how to take your ideas and turn them into a viable business that will get you noticed in the marketplace. The rest is up to you.
The Nature of the Internet is Information
Information is what drives the web. More accurately, the search for information is what drives the web. When you start surfing the Internet, querying search engines and looking at various websites, you usually have a question.
Think about it. When you go to a search engine like Google and type in a search term, you are actually asking the Internet search engine a question. For instance, when you type in something like “How to get rid of acne” or “acne cure” or “get rid of acne”, you are actually asking the question: How do I get rid of acne, right? This is the usual application of search engine queries, and we do it all the time. The search engine results called SERPs answer that question by giving us a list of websites that have information relevant to answering your query.
When you think about it like that, you will quickly realize that the basic reason the Internet thrives and grows is to answer questions put to it by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.
In the answers to questions lies business, product sales, fortunes made and the opportunity to answer and supply information about a topic. It could be anything; however, the process remains the same.
In order to start an Internet business, you must think this way and as a result, your idea will be the answer to a question put forth by many.
Most people go into business to make money. Having a clear picture of what product or service they are going to present to via the Internet is necessary in order to be successful. Having a business model plays a critical role in achieving that goal. The type of environment in which a firm operates as well as the type of changes that it faces also play important roles.
The Internet stands to establish new game strategies for businesses as it renders existing bricks-and-mortar strategies obsolete while creating opportunities for wealth creation via the web. In order for people to take advantage of all that the Internet entails involves conceiving and executing a good Internet business model. Such a model must have not only the right components, but also the right linkages between them and its environment. It also must have the degree of resilience and flexibility to take advantage of change.
In this e-book, you will find all of these factors and options that will allow you to go from Internet business “newbie” to a level where you can conduct business effectively via the Internet.
Before going any further, you will need a brief introduction to the history and terminology of the Internet along with the key segments of the Internet industry. The terms “Internet”, the “web” and the “World Wide Web”, are often used interchangeably, are not the same.
The Internet is a vast system of computers that are connected by high-speed communications lines which can understand the IP/TCP protocols. The WWW is linked content that is accessible through the Internet, written in HTML and viewed through a browser. In addition to the WWW protocol (http), there are four applications that operate on the Internet which are e-mail (electronic mail), discussion lists/newsgroups, FTP (file transfer protocol), and remote login (telnet).
Companies in the Internet infrastructure are found in 1 of 11 market categories, or profit sites, grouped into three segments: users, suppliers and communications service providers.. Users are sub-divided into content aggregators or information servers, e-commerce companies, brokers/agents, service providers and market-makers. Suppliers can be divided into content creators, software suppliers, and hardware suppliers. Communications service providers are divided into backbone operators, ISPs/OSPs, and Last Mile providers.
Now that you know all of this, don’t panic. You won’t need to know a lot more than what each of these terminologies refer to, not how they work or how you can get them to work for you. You will be dealing primarily in the browser interaction and FTP categories.
These sound hard, but if you can program your digital recorder, you’ll be able to work on the web easily. Even if you can’t program your recorder, with a little study, you’ll be able to get a website up and running pretty easily. Everything today has been streamlined with results being the priority and not programming acumen.
The Best Model for an Internet Business and Why: Information-based
Off all of the business models presented one of the most popular and considered the best business models is the information-based model. While we go over all four categories that sell well via the Internet, you will notice that one of best, fastest growing models involves the dissemination of information via audio, video and written mediums.
The popular form is all digital with no physical products to store, ship or keep track of.
The digital product has an infinite shelf life, can be downloaded at the convenience of the buyer and never needs service. It is universal and easy to set up and maintain. All you need is a website, an idea and the ability to produce or hire someone to produce the product for you. Through affiliate marketing, creating the product is not even necessary; the only thing an affiliate needs is knowledge of internet marketing which is for sale and freely supplied all over the Internet.
The Ideal Format To Use and Why: Blogs
Blogs are the new website of choice on the Internet. It used to be, you would set up a static website. Static websites displays the same information for all users with no interaction or dynamic change happening on the page. The page is usually an .html or .txt page that remains the same until the entire site is updated. Static sites are considered Web 1.0 and are difficult to manage when sites get large and are equally difficult to keep up to date.
They are, however, cache friendly and are quick and easy to put together. Most people have moved on to the dynamic, blog pages which can be updated all day long.
The index or sitemap for the site updates automatically as information is added to the site, and with some blog platforms like WordPress and Blogger, notifies the search engines and many Web 2.0 sites that something has changed. Because of this, blog platforms have become the ideal and most popular format for website to be built on and make money.  DOWNLOAD