Simple Social Selling

Simple Social Selling is designed to be a FAST ACTION course. There is no fluff, no overly tedious explanations or instructions and everything you need to make money from this training is included within this course.
The entire training and implementation should also take you no more than a few hours at most.

I also want to apologize for any lost sleep this material will cause you, because once I show you how it works, your mind will undoubtedly begin buzzing nonstop with new ideas and tactics.

Simple Social Selling will teach you how to use a “noninvasive and highly social” selling strategy to sell practically any type of product (digital or physical) on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or even your own blog or website.
And better yet (for both you and your customer) is that you can do it with…

  •  No Affiliates
  • No PayPal
  •  No Merchant Account
  •  No Sales Pages or Sales Letters
  •  No Autoresponder
  •  No Website (unless you want one)
  •  And No CPA Offers

That’s right, you won’t be using any of it any longer and by trading that stuff in for SSS you will actually be able to make money, with higher conversions, from less traffic than ever before.

Social selling (at least in the context of this method) is all about piggy backing off established social media platforms and selling for profit to their users.
And most importantly doing so without making the users feel like they are being sold to and without breaking their emotionally comfortable ADD loop that all of us find ourselves in when on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.
For example, as it stands now if you want to sell something to your fans on Facebook, you do the following:

  •  Make a status update
  •  Include an eye catching image
  •  Include a link to your offer (usually a sales page, squeeze page or CPA offer)
  •  Cross your fingers and hope you make money

Now, this method does work, and if you have a huge fan base, you can make good money from it, but over all your conversions and earnings per click are going to be very low, especially if you are promoting CPA offers which seem to be working best on facebook right now.
There are 3 main reasons why this method is not ideal:
1. You break the users from their comfort zone – When you include a url to your offer in your status update it takes the user out of their comfort zone (facebook) and deposits them on your website or offer page which looks and functions completely different than the ‘trusted’ social network they were just on. This causes a disconnect in your communication and hurts conversions.

2. Your sales process is not congruent with their current state of mind – Users on a social network tend to have highly advanced cases of ADD. They literally can’t (and don’t want to) focus on any one thing for more than a few minutes at a time. A traditional sales process with its involved multi step process causes users to lose focus before they even get through the purchase phase.
3. Obvious ‘selling’ raises their ‘trust’ barrier – People on a social network are there because they want to socialize, not be sold to. Now that does not mean they would not be interested in buying something if it appealed to them, but rather, they are not in a buying mood while surfing FB and Twitter. So, when they visit your offer link and immediately see sales letters, headlines, opt-in forms and big obnoxious buy buttons, a warning siren goes off in their heads and they immediately become a jaded if not hostile prospect, which makes converting them to a customer to make money from extremely difficult.  DOWNLOAD