2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar

When planning your marketing campaigns and promotions, make sure you choose ones that fit your industry,
target market and goals but don’t be afraid to go out-of-the-box to make money.
This marketing and promotional calendar has thousands of unique ideas that you can change to grow your
company. Use this calendar to maintain all your planned and actual promotional events.

Take everything that you now know about your business and industry… and find a way to recreate the way your
clients buy from you and hear from you.
It will make a major difference in the types of clients that buy from you… and from the amount of money you
make from the same amount of time being put into your business.
Last, remember the McGraw Hill study. I know you would much prefer growing your business by 256% over
19%... and more effective marketing is the key.
No matter what the economy is doing, more marketing will always improve your bottom line results… when it is
done right.
Take the lessons in this and FIND WAYS to make them fit your own business.
They can easily add some serious dollars to your bank account… IF YOU USE THEM. They don’t magically
add millions to your pockets… YOU have to do something with them.
Once you do, and you start seeing results, reinvest the additional revenues right away into more marketing,
bigger marketing, better marketing. You will easily come out of this recession an entirely new company and make money with a serious surge of cash. by Troy White  DOWNLOAD