Twitter For Business

The web allows us to reach customers all over the world. Social media has changed not only how people connect with others, but also how customers feel about businesses through a company’s voice as presented to the world. Through social media, a business has the opportunity to reach its customers and prospects in ways that make the customer feel unique, important, and individual. This has changed how businesses identify and connect with consumers. It is essential to the success of a business that social media becomes an integral part of advertising, public relations, and gathering of demographics about its target audience.
Twitter is unique in its ability to provide equal benefit to both businesses and Twitter followers through a partnership of mutual interests. Twitter followers will spread the word about your company’s promotions, advertisements, new products, business trends, anything you tweet about, and anything others tweet about you. It is one of the most predictable expenditures in promoting a company that is cost effective in its ability to reach its target audience, providing a business with customers who spread the word for you in a lightning-fast media vehicle. Twitter
is worldwide, instant word-of-mouth advertising that costs relatively little, and when used properly, pays off big.
Every savvy businessperson today knows that the way we communicate has changed drastically. It all began with email. Although attachments to an email message are a common way to share long documents, spreadsheets and pictures, it is common knowledge that the shorter and to-thepoint an email message is, the more likely the message will be read, understood, and acted upon swiftly. No one wants to read a long drawn-out email message – and most people won’t.
Time is too short and too valuable, and if your message is too long, you should expect the reader to miss the major points if you write them too far down in the message. In news writing lingo, a good email never buries the lead. The important message is usually less than two or three sentences long and often followed with bullet-point instructions.
It is an efficient way to communicate tasks, news, and ideas. Most managers and staff read at least 30 emails on a slow day, and heads of departments and business owners receive constant emails throughout the day and night. It is not unusual to hear the familiar buzz or ping of a smart phone email message reverberate on every attendee’s phone at some point during a business meeting.
This is a new world, and if you are not operating within the new rules of communication, or rather, outside of the old ones, you are not operating as efficiently as your competitors. This is the very reason many businesses fail to see the value in a media like Twitter that requires the use of 140 characters or less. More is not better anymore, it is just more. These days, more is actually less. Too much information kills the message - not because it isn’t important, but because after the first couple of sentences, you’ve lost your audience. We are in a nanosecond-need mode in our lives. We can distribute information that quickly; consequently, we feel a need to consume it that quickly. It is what we are not only accustomed to now, but what we demand. Consumers rarely accept anything less. “I need it now and I need it fast and if I don’t get it within 2 seconds, I am clicking over to another internet site,” is the motto of most
internet users. To convey a message in 140 characters or less is a brilliant concept that only requires some understanding of Twitter and the purpose it serves to business.
Conveying the message properly is just one facet of Twitter’s advantages to business. The advantages a company receives from its use of Twitter are many, and most of them have not likely been fully discovered. Because of the unlimited possibilities of using Twitter in business and how to use conversations in real time to benefit your business goals, it is a brainstorming topic for a wide range of employees in your business from the most creative to the most analytical.    DOWNLOAD