Follow Me! Creating A Personal Brand With Twitter

In the brave new world of Twitter, the rise of the social consumer can no longer be ignored. I have personally cast asunder much of the traditional form of press in favor of trusted online resources to provide the news and information I crave each day and that, in turn, I share with my followers.

My Twitter streams are carefully sectioned and categorized according to my wants and interests, and I no longer rely on third-party aggregated media sources to ascertain what’s going on.
Moreover, a growing number of celebrities and high-profile personal brands have found that Twitter has handed them the keys to their old media shackles, as more and more choose to use the platform to share the news and photos that keep them in the public eye through their daily tweets, without the need to rely solely on traditional press and paparazzi routes.
This new approach, however, can prove to be a double-edged sword — the phrase “once tweeted, never forgotten” springs to mind. The immediacy of Twitter means that once it’s out there, it’s out there for good, a fact that many have learned the hard way.
The role of the modern successful brand is an enabling one, one that listens and responds to the voice of its audience through engagement and empathy. If your brand provides value to the social consumer, it will become trusted and your social audience will over time become your brand ambassadors. It’s a trust cycle that, if adopted correctly, will gain momentum and can lift the smallest personal brand to dizzying heights of success.
So what’s happening? We’re living in a relationship-based social ecosystem that has finally found its voice. Today’s consumer has more power than ever and, no matter what size your brand may be, you need to accept and embrace that truth if you’re to survive and thrive.   DOWNLOAD