Mobile Marketing Mania

You will not find a lot of fluff here, just solid material and proven ways that you can go out today and start making money. It is truly just a matter of implementing what you find in this course. There are so many ways to make money with mobile marketing.
This course is going to concentrate on making money as a mobile consultant. Many businesses today have no idea how to advertise to a mobile device, or that they even can! With such a large number of mobile users today, these businesses are truly missing out. You are going to point this out to them, and then hand them a solution to their problem.
If you are thinking that you don't know enough about marketing or mobile phones or text marketing - do not worry, we will fix that in this course package. Once you are done here YOU will be the mobile expert in your area! It is much easier than you think.
The below businesses are not even close to the only ones that you can offer mobile marketing to, but are a good example and a great place to start!
Retail Stores can use mobile marketing to send notifications of sales or other in-store events to their list. A bookstore for example may have a book signing or guest author and can instantly let their list know about it to increase attendance and sales. Mobile coupons are a perfect way to get more people into the store. If a customer comes in to redeem a coupon, there is a good chance they will buy something else as well. It is a good way to get a customer who only visited you once, to come back and become a regular customer.
Restaurants are my favorite type of business! There are several ways they can use mobile marketing. They can offer 2 for 1 specials, discounts on the next meal, free items (free ice cream, free drink, free appetizer) with purchase of an entree, or any other type of announcement. To get customers on their list, they can add a message to the receipt, hand out a flyer with the receipt, have table tents on the tables, advertise in newspapers, hang flyers (in appropriate places of course!), have a banner or other type of sign in front or inside the restaurant.
Churches! Do you think your church (or temple) would want to keep in constant touch with its members? You bet! They can send communications about the various goings on, events, prayers, fundraisers, devotionals.
Schools may not seem obvious at first, but schools can be great customers. Schools often have a need to communicate with their students and/or the parents. For schools, the best thing is to sell your service as an emergency contact system. There are many times they need to effectively and quickly get a message out to EVERYONE in the school. The old method is phone rosters.
Clubs, Bars, Promoters are also a great type of business to offer mobile marketing to. Any venue that relies on ticket sales to make money, or any bar that is featuring some kind of entertainment will love this. They can let their list know about new additions to their calendar. Send reminders about existing events. If they have an event that is not sold out, they can send a coupon the day of the event offering discounted tickets to help sell more. Almost instant communication and almost instant results!    DOWNLOAD