Longtail Classroom

Longtail Classroom Course: Finding "Easy to Rank for" Keywords and Archive Passive Income with Niche Sites
Use these tested, step-by-step techniques to systematically create ultra-profitable niche websites around longtail keywords to deliver residual income month after month.This cutting-edge, premium videos training lets you follow along as he creates a niche site from scratch piece by piece. You will see him execute the exact strategies used to this day to grow a 6-Figure niche site business.

These are the topics covered in each of them:

Video 1: Intro to Building a Business with Long Tail Keywords
Video 2: Why Long Tail Keywords?
Video 3: How to Brainstorm for Keywords
Video 4: How to Expand and Find Related Keywords
Video 5: How to Analyze the Competition
Video 6: How to Analyze the Top 10 Sites in Google
Video 7: Winning Keyword Criteria, Keyword Competitiveness, Keyword Choice
Video 8: How to Pick Domains and Set up Hosting
Video 9: WordPress Themes and Plugins
Video 10: Developing a Content Strategy
Video 11: WordPress Settings and Best Practices for Publishing Content
Video 12: How to Monetize Your Site
Video 13: When to Expect Results?
Video 14: How to Get Links (Link building Part I)
Video 15: Link building Part II (Less Google Friendly Links)
Video 16: Niche Site Link Campaign and Anchor Text Strategies
Video 17: Review and Final Thoughts
Video 18: Updated Ranking and Earnings Report

As you can see its a lot of material.

Some of the videos are around about 20 — 30 min long and are very in—depth covering everything from mindset, strategy, brainstorming, research, production, and monetization.

This is everything you need to profit. Period.   DOWNLOAD