Autopilot Commission Blueprint

This blueprint consists of several parts. I want to walk you through the content.
Autopilot Commission Blueprint Main Guide
Read this first.
This is the PDF you are reading now. It is full of step by step instructions, and I have gone into a lot of detail about each of the steps in this guide.
You can follow this main guide, and you will be able to set everything up based on the information here alone.
30-Minute Action Plan
If you are like me, you are probably very time poor - kids, family, etc etc.

So I have designed a special action plan in approximately 30-minute blocks, which you can execute easily. Just tick off the boxes.
If you have more time on a particular day - you can always do 2, 3 or more blocks of 30 minute tasks.
Templates included
Folders titled "Squeeze Page" and "Thank You Page" contain templates referenced in this guide. So you can refer to them.
Bonus Squeeze Page Templates

Seriously, they are the very best templates I have ever seen. So I really wanted to make sure I give you good value for your purchase, so decided to throw them in.
NOTE: the templates are quite large, so I could not include them in the main package. Make sure you download them from the Download Page inside your Warrior Plus account. The download link is also in the email that you should have received at the time of purchase.
Bonus WSO reports
Also, included, I have arranged very special deals where you can download 3 really great WSO's, which I personally have bought and benefit from. There is no cost to you at all, even though they are currently selling for $7 each. But yours free :)  DOWNLOAD