Solo Ad Escape

There were two main reasons I put this report together:
1) To show people who are currently in the solo ad industry another way – and, in my experienced opinion – a better way to generate income online.
2) To show marketers struggling with traffic the many other options for getting leads and sales without the need to purchase solo ads.
Before I jump into the training I want to give you a little history about me and my experience with solo ads.
I purchased my first domain in 2007 and many niche-related domains that year.
After a few months, I was generating $50 - $250 a month from various affiliate programs like Commission Junction and Google AdSense.
In 2008 it dawned on me that all my efforts to write unique articles and content were not bringing any visitors to my blogs in the travel and gambling niches.
So in February 2009 I established my first auto-responder account, and again I struggled to get more than ten subscribers a day. I knew I needed a list, and that knowledge was coming from my experience in the offline world. You see, I‟ve had a good many years of experience with marketing before the internet came into play.
I started tending bar when I was 15 years old. It was a trade that got me around Europe, and at the age of 22, I was a partner in a bar in Mallorca, Spain. This place is a well-known tourist resort, but our plan was to build a local clientele and have a year-round business, not just a summer trade. So we decided to collect the telephone number of every Spanish person who walked in the door.

Here was the deal: Buy a drink and get a free raffle ticket for a SCOOTER!
Within a few weeks we had 800 customers‟ phone numbers, and they seemed to bring more friends with them every time.The result: We saw a 400% increase in takings every time we messaged our “subscribers” using Clickatell's bulk SMS service.
That partnership ended eventually, but that´s another story. Let‟s continue.
I was struggling in February 2010, but in April I made some useful connections and got a few tips from marketers who were adding hundreds of subscribers to their lists every single day.
I wanted results like this, so I found out what a solo ad was and purchased my very first one.Those were exciting times for most marketers starting off, and the results were fantastic.
That‟s five years ago now, and at that time there was only a handful of people who sold “solo ads”. Many people at that time were using Ezines, which might have sounded better but which cost four times the amount to get the same results.
Quick History of Solo Ads
An example of an Ezine offering in 2009:
Buy one email blast to 100,000 subscribers.
No guaranteed results or number of clicks
I recall paying $245 and receiving 65 subscribers.

An example of an solo ad offering in 2009:
Purchase from a solo ad provider (all were trusted then with a waiting list)
Pay $0.20 - $0.25 per click and receive 50% (average) conversion.
Always make 50% of your money back, up to 200% at times.
For example: Invest $100 > Get 400 clicks > receive 200 subscribers > make $100 in Sales.
Look at those numbers – we just got 200 subscribers and covered all the cost.
Does rinse and repeat sound good?
Of course!
That‟s exactly what I did, not with a massive budget like some marketers at the time, but I did it, and a few months later I was generating a $100 per day. That was my goal at the time.
After five months I started to invest more heavily, spending $5,000 per month to make $10,000.
You could rinse and repeat this all day, and I did. I did ad-swaps between my non-buyers and other marketers to bring in more subscribers and sales. I purchased solo ads every single day, and my business grew and grew.
I occasionally wondered if things could get better, and they did!
At this stage, JVZoo hadn‟t come onto the scene yet. ClickBank was the main marketplace for those involved in e-commerce. They were accepting all sorts of products, even the dodgy ones which converted really well. I took advantage of this and promoted the crap of out these products.

Few people were spilling the beans on the power lists at this stage, at least not to the average $7 buyer list you see today.
But BOOM! The industry changed.
ClickBank dropped a bombshell, and for the long-term health of the industry, this was a good thing. No more dodgy over-hyped products would be accepted, no more massive claims without solid proof. ClickBank lost a lot of business, and cost-per-action (CPA) networks came to play a bigger role for the average marketer.
I personally had a difficult time getting approval from some CPA Networks, mainly because I am based in Spain. I was also put off by even more disreputable products than we would have seen on the old ClickBank.
At this stage, I was still struggling with product creation – I thought it was all about the list and the numbers. Over time and through hard-won experience, I've learned a few things that I´ll share with you in this e-book.
Being able to send 1,500 clicks to any offer, any day of the week, was powerful, so I decided to give solo ads a go. For two years I was one of the top solo ad providers in the industry.
The solo ad industry had so many appealing factors.When you are promoting affiliate offers, you pray for sales. Unless you pick the correct offer, write an appealing email swipe and offer a bonus, your chances of making sales are slim.With solo ads, however, you get paid every time someone clicks on the link inside the emails. Actual sales are not so important to you.  DOWNLOAD