Traffic Authority

You might not know me, and I probably don’t know you. But I’m certain both me and you have at least these three things in common…
1. We like to make money
2. We like to have time (freedom)
3. We hate long introductions…
So this is short.
By the end of this introduction you’re going to understand the true potential of this strategy, along with of course discovering what exactly this online marketing technique is…

It won’t be long until we’re diving into the cool stuff, straight into the strategy you’ve cleverly bought into which I’ve been using to make money online with throughout the past 4 years.
You’ve heard of that beast of a website before right? You know the one, the one with all them videos. Well forget the entertainment purposes for YouTube for a moment and switch your marketing head on... Because there is huge opportunity here.
• Because YouTube is the second largest search engine, behind Google - Meaning it’s where people are
searching for answers (which we need to provide).

• YouTube has over 800 million unique visitors a month - that’s our potential audience!
• Four billion hours of video are viewed each month via YouTube - That’s over 450,000 years of video viewed each month, meaning that YouTube is sticky.
But I’m not going to bore you with any more facts. Because simply knowing facts, but not knowing how we can leverage them statistics is hopeless. So I’m here to show you. You see a lot of internet marketers are becoming lazy in a sense, but are cashing in big time.

Well just think about it… YouTube has done all of that work themselves. They’ve created a platform that is user friendly, and turned it into a monster... You’ve got Facebook as well, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms that have produced huge results.
And all we’re doing as internet marketers, is simply siphoning the traffic they generate.
The users they’ve attracted, we’re siphoning and making money from them.
We’re not looking to build the next YouTube guys. We are siphoning traffic from visitors they’ve already

I suppose I should retract my earlier comment, because we’re not being lazy… we’re simply taking advantage of huge potential. Our audience is already there, so all we need to do is siphon that traffic to whatever it is we’re selling.  DOWNLOAD